Importance of recruitment and selection

By Priya Chetty on October 18, 2011

Recruitment can be defined as the art of discovering and procuring potential applicants for actual and anticipated organizational vacancies. (Jyothi.P & Venkatesh D. N. , 2008)

Selection can be defined as the process of choosing the appropriate candidate from applicant whose skills match the requirements of the job. (Jyothi.P & Venkatesh D. N. , 2008)

In today’s globalized business environment companies have to respond quickly on their employee requirement and try to find out right person for the right job. For this, the HR team has to follow the recruitment and selection process properly because if the right person is not getting the right job then it will results in low retention as well as wastage of time, money, company’s image etc. (adiele ndunuju, 2009)

To avoid all those problems an HR should recognize the vacancies in the company, analyze it and then start recruitment process which means finding the right staff. After this process, immediately the selection process starts which is the important factor for the success of any company. The company or HR cell should clearly specify the job in front of the employees so that they can understand it properly. If the recruitment process is clear and specific then the selection process is automatically easier for them. They just need to screen the candidate and place them at the right place.

The HR cell should clearly analyze the number of vacancies and job specification in order to get candidates quickly and cost effectively.



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