How important is data analysis in a research paper?

By Abhinash on January 30, 2012

Your data is the backbone of your research. It is the base upon which the entire study will rely. After months of grueling research, scholars amass a gargantuan amount of data. This data has to be properly integrated and kept in an organized fashion. This article will discuss about the importance of data analysis in a research paper. 

Analyzing the data is the second and most integral part of the research paper. It is also the toughest step as most researchers might not be able to do the analysis on their own. To simply elaborate, data analysis is the breaking down of complex research material into its fundamental and simplified state. This helps to provide proof and a better understanding of the research. Your paper must not only contain the data for research but also an interpretation of the same after thorough analysis.

Who are you writing for?

The basic need for the data to be analyzed is to make it comprehensible by each reader. Whether they are scholars or laymen. While writing the research papers one will have to keep in mind that it is not aimed at just the professors and scholars of the particular subject. However, it is also for the general reader. To make it facile for them to interpret their work, it is essential for them to put it forward in a basic manner.

One can only break down a macro problem into micro ones can only be done through a thorough analysis of the data. It is an exceedingly important step in order to make the research reach out to a wider audience.

Data analysis

Data analysis also lends credibility to the researched data. It backs the data up with trustworthy references and gives it a theoretical base to stand on. Data Analysis is also an easy way to evaluate the students regarding their understanding of the research material in general. It gives the readers an insight into what the researcher has derived from the entire data. Also, it helps to understand the personal interpretation of the same.

Providing insight and interpretation in the form of analysis of the entire data also rules out any chance of human bias. The reader would get a clear and straightforward picture. Similarly, the researcher being devoid of loopholes and hanging ends would deliver the precise intended message without any incidence of the reader getting biased.

Inference of the analysis

Oftentimes, the entire gamut of research on any topic is to eventually come to some sort of a critical decision. Establishing your decision on the entire research material, which is not only massive in quantity but also extremely complex and technical in nature. It is downright impossible unless you analyze it completely. Data Analysis assists the students in eliminating topics that are of no use. It also helps in understanding those on which the decision can be fabricated.

There are a number of tools and frameworks today that one can use to make the data analysis work for research easy and perspicuous. Apart from that a lot of researchers also seek the help of other research assistants. They aid the researchers in understanding, analyzing and writing their paper.

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