Why is it important to properly frame the research objectives?

By on September 23, 2013

Research can simply be explained as a systematic search for knowledge. In order to successfully conduct research, a research topic/subject has to be decided. The research process involves gathering data on the research subject and analyzing it to reach a comprehensive conclusion. But the important question here is; who will decide what should be searched and how it will be decided? The answer is that the researcher has to define the objectives and decide what needs to be searched. The researcher has full control of the research subject. But how it will be decided what needs to be searched? It’s tricky but involves simple logic. In our daily lives, if we know our destination, we can choose a path to reach there.

Similarly in research, if we know what we are looking for then we can decide how we can accomplish it. Thus, we can say that the intended results define the framing of the objectives. Here the objectives come into the scene and gain importance.

Objectives give direction to the paper

The objectives of a study provide a clear direction. As soon as the researcher defines the objectives, the scope is defined. On the basis of the objectives, further processes are carried out including primary and secondary data collection, data analysis, drawing interpretation and conclusion of the research. All these research processes are dependent on the objectives and are carried out in accordance with it.

Objectives help to avoid any diversion from the topic

Once the researcher starts gathering data for the research, especially the secondary data, he/she comes across abundant data related to the research subject. The researcher often gets blinded by the wide amount of data available from a variety of sources and frequently diverts from the core subject. The abundance of data brings confusion as to which data to be utilized for present research and which data should be discarded. The objectives help the researcher to stick to the current research and avoid any diversion from the research topic.

Research objectives minimize the wastage of resources

By preventing the researcher to deviate from the research topic, objectives minimize the wastage of the researcher’s time, money and energy. Objectives help the researcher to concentrate on the current research. Wastage of the research resources is reduced with clearly-defined objectives and hence, the efficiency of the study is enhanced.

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Objectives ease the understanding of the research by the target audience

All research goes in vain if the target audience i.e. the beneficiaries of the research fails to understand it. The objectives help the target audience to clearly understand the purpose of particular research and it, therefore, eases understanding. Thus, objectives also make research meaningful for the target audience.



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