Notable private sector companies implementing T&D in India

By Abhinash on September 20, 2011

In the year 2006, telecom was one of the fastest growing sectors inIndiagenerating revenue of Rs. 86,720 crore and marking a growth of 21%.

The total training market is expected to be of total Rs. 400 crore. Market analysts say that by the year 2012 the telecom sector is estimated to grow by 150%. Since the market share is divided by many players such as BSNL, Airtel, TATA, Vodafone, Reliance etc., so a number of jobs would be created for the same. Software and hardware engineers, sales people, management trainees in HR, Finance have increased and a constant need for updating the skills is necessary. Training takes an important place in such a scenario and to train these personnel trainers would be needed for the development of this sector.

Information Technology (IT)

With the rapid expansion in IT/ITES sector, now there is enough scope of IT training courses and institutes. IT sector is soon going to face a huge shortfall of skilled employees, if the growth in the software industry goes by as expected. According to recent report of NASSCOM (The National Association of Software and Services Companies) on software industry, the IT services sector will see a shortfall of 2,35,000 people by 2008. IT spending in the global business world is expected to grow by 6 to 7 % in the next 3 years, which will be enough to give boost to the IT training sector.

This huge IT spending is largely because of uptake in IT recruitment. According to a recent IDC report,Indiaalone spends $216 million, i.e. 21% of the total spending of IT training in the region, and is expected to be one of the largest contributors in the coming years. This is largely becauseIndiaalone accounts for 60 % of the total Asia-Pacific demand for IT professionals. (Training and development in IT sector,

Retail and FMCG Sector

Retail/FMCG Sector is the most booming sector in the Indian economy and is expected to reach US$ 175-200 billion by 2016 (naukrihub). With this rapid expansion and coming up of major players in the sector, the need of human resource development has increased. Lack of skilled workers is the major factor that is holding back the retail sector for high growth. The sector is facing the severe shortage of trainers. Also, the current education system is not sufficiently prepared to address the new processes, according the industry majors.

Some of the training programs that are given in the retail sector are:

  • Sales Training
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Seminars/Workshops
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Online Course
  • Group Study
  • Computer-Based Training
  • Self-Directed Training

(Training and development in retail and FMCG sector,

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