Pros and Cons of Internal Job posting programs

By on March 28, 2012

The advantages of recruiting from within the own employee ranks are well-known and well-documented. Promotion from within helps in keeping morale and motivation levels of the employees high. And assuming that the internal search is successful, an organization need not worry about how an employee will fit into its culture.

Eade (1993) says that the most obvious one is that limiting the search to internal candidates limits the candidates to choose from, and an organization may end up hiring someone who’s not up to the challenge of the job. The second drawback is that, whenever an organization recruit from within, an organization always run a risk that otherwise important and valuable employees who don’t get the job may become resentful and even eventually decide to quit.

The only real defense against these problems is to be forewarned about them to go out of the way to ensure that everyone understands the scope and basic duties of the job plus the hiring criteria an organization is using. An organization also must make sure that, whatever system an organization use to alert employees to job opportunities in the company, everyone gets a fair shot at the opening (Brotherton , 2003).


  • According to Pizam (2005) fewer employees look for new jobs or transfer because they find suitable jobs through the posting system.
  • The program makes posting system.
  • It creates better morale by marking employees aware of open positions.
  • Employees have more control over career progression.
  • It assists with affirmative action programs.
  • It affords better use of the human resources.


  •  The program lengthens the process of filling jobs.
  • It creates a chain reaction, and more jobs have to be filled. Employees who don’t get jobs require counseling and may become disgruntled.


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