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Prevalence and diagnosis of drug related hypersensitivity and its treatment

Research has shown that drug related hypersensitivity is an immune mediated response towards a drug. However, adverse reaction of the drug varies from person to person. Antibiotics and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are the most common causes of hypersensitive reactions. The chances of developing hypersensitive reactions are higher when the patient takes the drug intra dermally. It should nevertheless be noted that drug allergies are not inherited. Both organ specific and systemic symptoms have been observed due to drug-related hypersensitivity. Look out for common symptoms such as: Read more »

Prevalence and diagnosis of insect allergy and its therapeutic considerations

Insect sting can cause allergic response which results in pain, itching, redness and swelling. Furthermore, people allergic to stinging venom can cause more serious reaction i.e. anaphylaxis (Bernstein et al., 2011; Department of Health, 2016). Insect Allergy is also known as Hymenoptera Venom Allergy (HVA). This  induces large local reaction (LLR) or systemic allergic responses which affect a local area of more than 10cm within 24 hours at the sting site. Hymenoptera belongs to sub-order Aculeate category and includes super-families of Apoidea, Vespidae, and Formicidae (Jutel et al 2013).

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Prevalence and diagnosis of occupational allergy and its therapeutic considerations

Occupational allergy is an allergic reaction caused when exposed to allergenic substance found at work place. This can be both indoor or outdoor. It is an important public health issue due to its high prevalence and socio-economic burden. It contributes significantly to the global burden of Asthma. Similarly among other diseases like; rhinitis, eczema, skin diseases and conjunctivitis can also increase due to this allergy.

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What is an order layout?

An order layout includes:

  1. Order handler contact details: Other than contact details, it gives a brief outline about the number of words, charges and delivery time.
  2. Research Scope: The research scope varies with every order and thus is dependent on the work brief shared by the client. It will include:
  • total word count assigned to each section,
  • research methodology,
  • source of data (for secondary analysis),
  • number of respondents (for primary analysis),
  • citation format.

The layout may also contain additional notes for revisions for amendments and changes and a pictorial presentation of delivery.

Prevelance and diagnostics of Urticaria and its therapeutic considerations

Urticaria is a heterogeneous skin disorder, which is characterized by development of wheals on the skin followed by Angioedema. This can appear in any part of the body. Symptoms of the Urticaria are:

  • raised skin,
  • itchy bumps,
  • blanching (when pressed the centre of red hive turns white).

Furthermore, scratching, exercise, emotional stress may worsen it.

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Prevalence and diagnostics of food allergy and therapeutic considerations

Food allergy is an allergic reaction which is instigated with consumption of food which contains certain proteins, which can overreact with the immune system. Some of the major signs and symptoms of food allergy are:

  • red or itchy skin,
  • swelling,
  • teary eyes,
  • throat tightness,
  • trouble breathing (food allergies: reducing the risks, 2009).

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Interpreting multivariate analysis with more than one dependent variable

In continuation to my previous article, the results of multivariate analysis with more than one dependent variable has been discussed in this article. Read more »

Multivariate analysis with more than on one dependent variable

The normal linear regression analysis and the ANOVA test are only able to take one dependent variable at a time. So one cannot measure the true effect if there are multiple dependent variables. In such cases multivariate analysis can be used. Thus, multivariate analysis (MANOVA) is done when the researcher needs to analyze the impact on more than one dependent variable. Read more »

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