Developing a conceptual framework

Before studying the application of conceptual framework, we need to first define it. It can be defined as a ‘visual’ presentation of key variables, factors or concepts and their relationship among each other which have been or have to be studied in the research either graphically or in some other narrative form (Miles and Huberman, 1994).

How to define conceptual framework

Conceptual Framework is like pre-planning wherein we define what the research will include. However, the position of conceptual framework within Qualitative and Quantitative Research varies. The table below explains the difference in position.

Conceptual framework

In case of quantitative research, the researcher defines the research problem and key variables which will be used to resolve the problem. However, in case of qualitative research inductive position is applicable wherein the researcher seeks to build up theory. In such a situation, existing theories can be misleading and therefore the conceptual framework emerges after the research is complete.

However, here I should point out that researchers generally have an idea of what will feature in the study which could be treated as a tentative framework which would give an idea, however can be changed over the period of time.

How to develop conceptual framework?

There are several inputs which are essential when working on a conceptual framework. The two main elements are;

  1. Experiential Knowledge: technical knowledge, research background and personal experience.
  2. Literature Review: related theory, related research and other theories and research related to the topic.

The key steps for the development of the conceptual framework are:

  1. Identify the key variables used in the subject area of the study.
  2. Draw out key variables within something you have already written about the subject area i.e. literature review.
  3. Perennial to the aim, segregate them as dependent and independent variables.
  4. Take one key variable and then brainstorm all the possible things related to the key variable(Dependent variable).
  5. After all the variables have been defined, focus on the number of relationships they can form with each other to determine the inter-relationships between all.
  6. The arrows used to identify the relationship between variables must be applied in the direction as to what impacts the other.
  7. Always keep in mind that the formation of conceptual framework directs the researcher to apply a suitable test for analysis.

It can be presented in the form of; flow diagrams, tree diagrams, mind maps or even shape based diagrams. Below are some examples  for better understanding:

Flow chart

Conceptual Framework

In this flow chart, it is evident that academic staff job satisfaction is associated with pay and growth resources, work-family conflict stressors, work relationship stressors, and work-role stressors. Therefore the dependent variable here is academic staff job satisfaction while the rest are independent variables. A suitable correlation or regression test can be applied knowing this representation.

Tree diagram


Similarly, in this tree diagram, it is well understood that customers behaviour changes with respect to various factors like experiences, values, lifestyle, or product’s expectations in terms of price, quality, information etc. Therefore this indicates that there are two possible areas for analyzing a customer’ s behaviour and thus two hypotheses can be constructed out of this. One related to consumer’s behaviour with respect to experiences, values, lifestyle etc while the other can be based on product’s expectation.

A conceptual framework is essential to bring focus on the content and also acts as a link between literature, methodology, and results.


  • Miles, M. B., & Huberman, M. A. (1994): “Qualitative Data Analysis: An Expanded Sourcebook” (2nd edition). Beverley Hills, Sage.
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    Am a business student doing masters, can you help me develop a conceptual framework for research? My topic is “use of social networking sites and its influence on employee performance” (Non-teaching staff in public universities) My objective are:
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    3.To identify the influence of social networking sites on employee performance
    4.To find out if there are organizational policies put in place to control the use of social networking sites

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      Dear Noel,
      I would suggest that you conduct empirical review on the variables/factors are influenced by use of social networking sites on employee performance. These factors could be skills, knowledge, productivity, and motivation. These can be your independent variables and use of social networking sites can be your dependent variable.

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    • Avatar William Shakespeare 1 year & 9 months ago

      For example, in the first phenomenon of climate change, temperature (independent variable) may influence sea level (dependent variable). Increased temperature will cause expansion of water in the sea. Thus, sea level rise on a global scale may occur. In the second phenomenon, i.e., crime and violence in the streets, the independent variable may be the number of law enforcers and the dependent variable is the number of robberies.

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