How to write a Knowledge Tank article?

In Knowledge Tank informative articles pertaining to different subjects are published every day. Thus far, over 1000 articles have been published on the section.

Below are a set of guidelines to adhere to while writing an article Knowledge Tank.

  1. After deciding on a topic discuss it with your handler about the scope of the topic. Approval of on the topic will be in full discrete of the handler.
  2. Do not plagiarise.
  3. The purpose of these articles is to educate our readers (mostly researchers and scholars) about the chosen topic in simple academic language.
  4. There should be proper analysis and interpretation on the basis of the objectives of the article. Do not merely discuss other people’s opinion. We are looking for coherent analysis and interpretation of events. Share insights that not been expressed by anyone else the selected topic.
  5. Do not indulge in unnecessary elaboration and explanation. Rather it should be in a clear and crisp manner.
  6. Use at least 7-10 good references and use graphs to explain and compare figures in your article. Referencing should be in Harvard style.
  7. Avoid using quotes in the article.
  8. Mention name of author or co-authors below the title in every KT article.

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