What is job posting?

By on August 18, 2012

Job posting is defined as an approach for indicating the vacant positions available currently within a company. A job posting contains the details about description of the job, the qualification required, location and salary. Earlier job postings appeared only in notice boards and newsletters. Nowadays, internal job requirements are posted in an organization’s intranet itself. Internal job posting programs play an important role in simplifying the internal recruitment process in any industry. Internal job posting programs are highly useful to employees working in big enterprises and looking for a relocation or transfer. Several organizations offer proper training to their employees in order to enable internal recruitment Teson (2004). Job posting is a common event in such organizations.

When a job is posted in an organization the employers generally circulate the details to the people designated at a supervisor level. According to Barrows (2009) circulating details to supervisors only is generally not satisfactory, since some employees may, for various reasons, fear that their supervisors will not put them forward. Many employers encourage existing employees to recruit new employees.

Some organizations create job positing policies that state all open positions will be posted or they restrict posting to non-exempt positions, non-managerial positions or positions not covered by a succession plan. Other offers to post all open positions, subject to the organizations’ reserved right not to post any particular position at its sole discretion.

To make a job posting policy a success, any posting policy should stipulate how long positions will be posted, as well as how employees should go about applying for them. It might also advice employees that they have a responsibility to inform their supervisor of their application.


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