How to enter citation details in Mendeley without the source paper?

By Priya Chetty on July 31, 2014

Mendeley also gives  the option of entering a source details manually rather than having to import/ save the document in the database. This article will  explain the process to enter citation which do not have proper source paper. For example,  a document from a friend/ colleague which needs changing the citation style from Harvard to MLA. In this case, one do not have direct access to the source of the references used in the paper. Or sometimes researcher may want to cite references which are mentioned inside another article/journal/book. In such cases, follow this step to import reference:

  • Open the Mendeley Desktop Version. Go to “File”, then “Add Entry Manually.
enter citation in Mendelely which do not have source paper
Add a source manually
  • A small window will open where one can enter all the details about the source (journal, books, book section, report, patent, film, magazine article, etc).