Import and share documents in Mendeley

By Priya Chetty on July 21, 2014

In order to cite a source in research paper using Mendeley, one has to first import the source to Mendeley. After the source gets stored in Mendeley, one can use it to cite it in paper. Given below are instructions on how to import a document or source to Mendeley.

Import source in Mendeley

Suppose one finds an interesting paper online and want to use it in the research. For this one has to first import the file to Mendeley, then cite it in the research.


  1. Suppose the topic of the research is  ‘Indian Consumer Durable Market in India’’.
  2. And one finds this link useful for the paper and would want to use it: It is a journal in Branding.
  3. Click on “Save to Mendeley” on Bookmarks bar.
bookmarking the page to import data from the browser
Bookmark bar at the brower
  1. The following window will open on the right hand side of the screen. Add the “Title” if it is blank. Add “Tags” if required.
Using mendeley window in the computer browser
Mendeley window in browser.
  1. Other details can be added under “Details” and “Catalog Ids” section which includes; journal name, year, volume, issue, pages, etc (See image below) can also be added in this tab. Similarly for books, reports, webpages, different information will have to be added.
one can use library to store references
Information to be stored on web library (Journal)
  1. After adding all the information, click on “Save”.

  2. Open “Mendeley Desktop” version and click on “Sync” in the menu bar on top. It will update  the library with latest added documents.

Mendeley desktop
Mendeley desktop

Edit the details of source

Open the Mendeley Desktop version. Click on the article which one wants to edit.

  1. In case there is any information which was not updated on the web library, then one can click on the article added. On the right side, a window will open. Everything in this column can be edited by clicking on each box.
one can edit the data after importing it in Mendeley
Manually editing the references in Mendeley

Share documents or folder with other Mendeley users

Researchers may want to share the documents stored in Mendeley account with other users. In that case, follow the following steps.

Open “Mendeley Desktop” version. Click on “Share” button just below the “Menu Bar” on top. A new window will open. Enter the email address of the person (s) with whom to share the document. Then click on “Send to x people”.

Share your documents
Share documents in Mendeley with other users

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