Manually editing citation while using Mendeley

By Priya Chetty on July 31, 2014

Since Mendeley does in-text citation automatically. However, sometimes it may happen that the citation is not proper (for example, it will show ‘Institute, 2007’ instead of ‘Institute of Technical Sciences, 2007’). This article will focus on the process one can follow for manually editing citations. In such cases, whenever one wants to edit something in a word document which was generated by using Mendeley, click on “Keep Manual Editing” to edit it.


Skilful use of positioning at every stage of the management process determines a cohesive image of a place brand. Positioning is the answer to the challenges posed by contemporary branding and allows an administrative unit to make informed amendments to the growth strategy in the context of competition and the stakeholders’ changing needs and expectations (University of Liverpool, 2010).

Now, to change ‘The University of Liverpool’ to ‘UOL’ (Abbreviation). Then just replace the words like in MS Word. After that, click anywhere else in the document.

A small window will appear:

Editing citation in Mendeley
Editing citation in Mendeley

That is it, one can easily edit the citation using the above process.


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