Start using Mendeley to speed up your writing

By Priya Chetty on July 17, 2014

Mendeley is an online tool to manage, cite and annotate your references in your paper.  It is also called a ‘reference manager’. It helps you store all your online resources for your research in a library which can be accessed with a computer from anywhere and any time. It also cites your paper automatically and generates the end list of references automatically. This helps save hours everyday which you may normally spend in making the list of references. Mendeley comes with a desktop version and can also be used online.

You can also share all the files with anyone else on Mendeley.

Why use Mendeley?

Mendeley is an application which helps you save a lot of time and effort related to academic writing. Mendeley has many advantages, some of which are given below

  • While writing your paper you may have to review and download hundreds of academic papers. Mendley helps you to Store all your files in a single database which can be accessed from anywhere and on any system.
  • Share these files with other fellow readers or users. While working on big projects that involves many members, Mendeley can be a life saver. You can also collaborate with them easily.
  • It prepares your end list of references automatically and arranges it in alphabetical order.
  • Referencing style can be changed from Harvard to MLA/ APA and vice-versa with a simple click. Mendley takes care of all your reference generation.
  • You can also find relevant papers on Mendeley on the basis what you are reading.
  • References can even be updated easily.
  • Apart form its desktop version you may also install it on your tabs. Thus making it even easier to read all your papers on the go.

Mendeley is best for those who

  • Are new to different referencing styles and citation management.
  • Regularly read books, journals and papers for academic purpose.
  • Work on big research projects that involves multiple members to share papers.