Online recruitment at Vodafone UK

By on March 7, 2012

Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunication and networking service providers of the world (Groebel, Noam and Feldmann, 2006). Vodafone has its presence all across the globe. Vodafone is an UK based company and is headquartered in London. In terms of employment, Vodafone UK has around 85,000 employees, working for it all over the world. Vodafone UK aims at recruiting the best workforce, in the world and helps to realize their potential to the fullest (Vodafone). Vodafone like any other employers love to hire the best talent, engage them in work and retain them for a long time. Vodafone UK uses both offline and online modes of recruitment. However, its online recruitment process is noteworthy.

Vodafone is in continuously search of people who have a passion for development and innovation in the discipline of telecommunication.  Vodafone considers human resource as one of its greatest and most valuable assets. Vodafone believes in bringing in talented candidates to its organization by building a strong employer brand image for its organization. The online recruitment strategy of Vodafone is a very innovative one. Vodafone makes use of a concept by name, “Career Passport”, in order to recruit employees online (Vodafonemt). Career passport enables job seekers to apply for a job at Vodafone, through the internet, in a more secure and standard way.  Similarly the organization finds it easy to keep track of the applicants and their application status in order to hire them at the time of recruitment.

Vodafone’s Career Passport helps interested and eligible candidates to register, create a profile and maintain and update it live. Vodafone’s career passport helps candidates to apply for a position or job profile they are interested in and the management to choose the right candidate for the right job position. By keeping track of number of applications for a particular post, Vodafone is able to select the appropriate candidate for a particular position.

Thus Vodafone’s online recruitment strategy makes it easy for both the organization as well as job seekers to hire and apply for a suitable position, respectively. It can be understood that online recruitment at Vodafone, helps it to hire the best talent in the nation that would contribute towards the organizations’ success.