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Helping you transform lives through meaningful and creative solutions for your unique course. Nurture the talents of tomorrow with the dedicated support of subject matter experts from multiple streams.

Incorporate courseware to improve course results

Blend courseware in a regular teacher-led course to offer research-based depth, breadth and flexibility in lectures. Supercharge the students’ learning process with compelling new-age multimodal instruction sets and curriculum designs. We ensure efficacy by investing in research and studies so that you can deliver your commitment without compromising.


Decrease the burden on teachers


Integrate a systemic approach to teaching


Focus on the progress of students


Nurture talents of the future

Helping educators reduce their burden

As national and state education policymakers strive to drive changes, educators are often among the last stakeholders in systemic changes. At Project Guru we collaborate with thousands of educators, researchers and analysts from around the world to develop customised curriculum designs, engaging course content and personalised coaching to develop skills.

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Subject matter expertise

We collaborate with thousands of subject matter experts from various streams every year. We understand the uniqueness of every educational program. So, we handpick experts based on their experience and unique skill sets.

Unlimited revisions & mentoring

Without a doubt, you understand your students better. We believe feedback & revisions are the media to achieve perfection. This is why we take all your feedback and revision requests without any limitations.

Research-based solutions

We carry over a decade of research experience in Higher education, Doctoral and Postdoc research. We have the tools and expertise to make your personalized learning objective achievable.