Experiential program design

Adapted from curriculum models of central governing authorities like UGC & AICTE to enable result-oriented effective learning processes across different mediums.

Curriculum designs centred around learners

An experiential curriculum design centred around learners focuses on empowering learners through choices and helping them shape their education. This helps them to stay engaged in the course while their knowledge grows with curiosity. To make this possible we work closely with you to map all of your learner’s progress to identify teaching gaps and redundancies. In consideration of your goal, we ideate a curriculum map of teaching points, stages, activities and delivery mediums to achieve proficiency.

Designing curriculums by keeping the outcome in mind

For us it’s not just a curriculum, rather we work to design great learning environments. We keep your vision in sight to ensure the accomplishment of your course’s goal, student expectations and accreditation requirements. For dynamic students, you need powerful curriculum strategies to keep them engaged and progressive.

Collaborative outcome

Coordinate work from start to finish with like-minded and experienced subject matter experts on our progressive project management platform. We help you align your strategies and experiences to defined outcomes.

Eliminate learning gaps

We follow different frameworks to map the curriculum elements for learners at the understanding level and learners at the creating or evaluating level. This aligns different curriculum elements based on the level of the learner.

Dynamic curriculum design

No two course programs can have the same purpose, thus there is no standard curriculum design. We don’t just start with the topics rather we backtrack by understanding and visualizing the outcomes of your dynamic students.

Why should you choose us?

Nothing standardised

We draw steps for curriculums from diagnostic assessment of past results in consideration of your goal and student’s outcome. This makes the overall teaching and learning experience more cohesive and interesting.

Powerful strategies

We carry over a decade’s experience in developing and coaching educators on powerful strategies in higher education around the world. We empower educators to engage learners and unleash their potential.

Collaborative framework

We critically review various new-age and practical teaching methods and lesson plans from educators across the world. Once the list of strategies is compiled we develop a framework to systematically implement the curricula.