Research analysis

The research analysis is about more than graphs and visualizations. We aim to meet a very high level of scientific rigour and represent original research. From clinical data to web data, we have proactively handled and modelled it.

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We work hard to thoroughly assess problems and requirements. We use a variety of methodologies to infer accurate answers that will lead to implementing actionable strategic solutions. We can mine information from many different sources available. Once the data is validated then we start writing the report specifying every step followed.

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Secondary literature search & review

We collect and organize secondary data from various sources specifically from the scientific community. A thorough review of the past research can shed light on current trends and lead the path for the primary analysis.

Clarity through statistics

Our experience in statistics, data science, and behavioral sciences in 10 years’ has made us experts in conceptualizing problems. We build strategies that turn data assets into a competitive advantage. Our data analysis practice is supported by our expertise in:

Learn to analyse with SPSS
This module helps to learn statistical analysis using the SPSS statistics software.
Machine learning
This module is designed to help understand how to apply machine learning techniques using SPSS and R software.
Learn to analayse with STATA
A comprehensive data analysis package that is extensively used in data science.
Learn to analyse with Nvivo
It is a CAQDAS package for analyzing qualitative data. It is widely used for unstructured data & interviews
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