Research paper writing

This module is designed for you to improve your research paper writing skills and provides easy-to-implement tips for presenting your research papers.

About this module

This module is designed to help beginners with research paper writing. It takes on the problems faced in the writing process, creating a flow, finding better sources of data, avoiding plagiarism, addressing moderators’ comments and structuring and formatting a paper.

What you’ll need

  • Any word processing app like MS Word, Mac Pages or Google Docs.
  • Any spreadsheet software like MS Excel, Mac Numbers or Google Sheets.
  • 25 hours

Skills you will gain

Basics of writing Topic sentence development Argument creation Questionaire development Hypothesis development Producing original content Citations Critical review Literature review Developing aims & objectives Scope identification Finding research gaps

Get familiar with the basic principles of writing and how to apply them to create a research paper.


Know about different types of research papers and how to structure them.


Apply subject-specific tools and rules to maximise the paper’s relevance and chances of publication.


Using the existing literature to formulate the base of study and using a fresh perspective for first-hand contributions.


Put your ideas into action by learning how to develop a hypothesis, conduct the analysis and write its conclusion.

Live tuition sessions

Our live tuition sessions are curated for research paper writing problems that need you to delve deeper. They include discussions on problems you feel stuck at and can’t find the answer to.  

Focussed sessions

  • Virtual teaching using live demonstration.
  • Illustration for different levels of complexity of research.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Tutoring is focused on understanding concepts rather than rote learning.
  • Customized session agenda keeping with different industry requirements.

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