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Sales force automation: an innovative technology

By Priya Chetty on June 23, 2014 No Comments

Devoted Sales Force Automation system has allowed great technological support to sales personnel, sales managers and officials since 1980s’. Before 1980s’, there were numerous independent software mechanisms like contact management systems and sales forecasting tools in the market (Buttle, F et al, 2006)


Small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs’) of the world

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From large firms, the focus of business analysts has today shifted to Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs’). The growing importance of SMEs’ has also been the result of increasing economic contribution. Statistics provide that SMEs’ account for more than 95% of enterprises across the world and they provide approximately 60% of the private sector employment […]


The changing role of CEO

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Various studies conducted on CEO attrition confirm that the shelf life of CEOs is on a decline. The cut-throat competition has reduced the patience levels of firms and even a small mistake on part of the CEO may lead to CEO departure.