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Role and importance of CSR in marketing

By Parul Goyal on October 1, 2013 2 Comments

Companies have realized the relevance of CSR in marketing for their short and long-term objectives and are developing stronger marketing strategies around sustainability agendas for beating the competition and safeguarding market position (D’Amato, Henderson and Florence, 2009).


Remedies for professional fatigue

By Ankita Agarwal on September 24, 2013 No Comments

While my previous articles (Reasons behind professional fatigue & Results of professional fatigue) detailed the concept of professional fatigue along with informing about the major causes and results of professional fatigue, this article is an attempt to focus upon a few remedies for professional fatigue.


Managing product returns

By Ankita Agarwal on April 1, 2013 No Comments

Managing product returns is probably one of the most complex organizational tasks; not only because it involves complete re-processing of the sales transaction, but also because their are huge costs involved in terms of money, time and customer dissatisfaction.


Basics of a successful innovation

By Ankita Agarwal on February 28, 2013 No Comments

In the context of present business environments, it is often said that change is the only constant today. The markets are so volatile that what may be of relevance today may turn out to be a total waste in the immediate future (Reuvid, 2005).