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Work life balance

The changing economic and demographic profiles of human lives have posed newer threats to the HR managers in the organizations. Earlier the HR challenges were somehow limited to achieving maximum productivity by motivating the workforce and minimizing labor turnover. But today the employees are mostly self motivated. Read more »

Adopting team selling approach

Sales are not that easy nowadays as it used to be earlier. The markets are limited, the products are many, the competition is stiff and the customers are highly aware. All these factors have made selling a very complicated activity. Today the buying decision both in case of household consumers and business consumers is collectively made by various members. Read more »

Concept of holistic marketing

By the words of Kotler, “The Holistic Marketing Concept is based on the development, design and implementation of marketing programs, processes and activities that recognizes their breadth and inter-dependencies”. Holistic marketing is a marketing philosophy that believes ‘everything matters’. Read more »

Evolution of holistic marketing

Marketing is a vital management function and acts as the life-blood to an organization. Philip Kotler has defined it as “a societal process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering, and freely exchanging products and services of value with others.” Read more »

Basics of a Corporate Training Initiative

Human resources are indispensable to an organization’s success. In an era of globalization and increasing competition in the marketplace, the experts have proposed that human resources are the most important tool to attain sustainable competitive advantage. Read more »

Getting Value out of Corporate Training

Realizing the role of human resources in a firm’s well-being, the firms are investing heavily on development of their human resources by way of training initiatives, but they are still facing problems. Employee training has recently emerged as an indispensable HR function due to frequently changing business environment and the increasing competition in the marketplace. Read more »

Concept of ‘Credit Rating’

Money plays critical role in human life. It is not only a means to attain basic necessities of life but also a means to secure the future. Over time, human life has become complex and it is essential to earn not only for the present but also to invest for the future. Read more »

Challenges in the Indian coal industry

Challenges in Indian coal industryIndia is the world’s third largest coal producing country and fifth largest in terms of coal reserves. But the Indian coal sector is facing severe challenges recently and the irony lies in the fact that these challenges also include shortages. Read more »

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