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Significant characteristics of the labor force in China

China’s emergence as a global power during recent decades has attracted attention of scholars across the world. The reason is that China’s growth has not only affected the nation itself but it has global implications as well. While making an effort to understand the growth history of any nation, one cannot overlook the manpower of that country. Read more »

How to defend your Thesis before your supervisor?

Thesis submission is an integral part of all doctoral programs and most of the master’s programs as well. A thesis refers to a research work where the student makes claims and supports these claims with reasons. However, a thesis does not represent facts and the claims made by the student and can therefore prove incorrect as the thesis progresses. Read more »

Temporary workers are now an emerging corporate trend

Globalization has transformed the way businesses operate today. Growing competition and shrinking profit margins compel businesses in every industry to think out-of-the-box and find out new ways of conducting operations. The traditional workplaces with a large pool of permanent employees is slowly being replaced by blended workplaces which have a smaller but proportionate pool of traditional full-time workers, part-time workers, temporary workers, remote and contract workers (Graebel, 2013). Read more »

Role of senior managers in organizational change

In its simplest form, organizational change can be defined as, “new ways of organizing and working” (Dawson, 2003). However this definition is incomplete as it gives no idea about the nature of change. Organizational change is one of the most discussed topics in the industry yet there exist no standard definition of the term. Read more »

11 things to know before you enroll yourself for PhD.

The Doctor of Philosophy program or the PhD. program, is a highly accredited research program done with the objective of exploring the unexplored and contribute significantly to the academia. If you are planning to enroll yourself into a Ph.D. program, you have probably been given dozens of advice by your fellow colleagues, professors, family members and friends. Read more »

Leadership in the past and present

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, while the term ‘leader’ appeared in the English language as early as the 1300s’, the term ‘leadership’ came into existence only in the 1800s’ (Allio, 2005). Since that time, the concept of leadership had evolved and has been studied by scholars with different perspectives. Read more »

How to write case study based assignments

During the course of your Masters’ degree, you will be required to work on small class work assignments, essays, reports and case studies. Although a few features are common to all these forms of academic writings but there are variations too. Read more »

Small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs’) of the world

Small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs’) of the worldFrom large firms, the focus of business analysts has today shifted to Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs’). The growing importance of SMEs’ has also been the result of increasing economic contribution. Statistics provide that SMEs’ account for more than 95% of enterprises across the world and they provide approximately 60% of the private sector employment globally (Ayyagari et al. 2011). Read more »

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