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Increased dependency on oil & gas deteriorated Nigerian political stability

Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Africa. It is largely dependent on crude oil. Revenue from oil accounted... More

Nigerian Government inadequacies in socio-economic development

The Nigerian government is found to be inadequate in providing its people with basic amenities of living such as food,... More

The dynamics of foreign aid and underdevelopment in Nigeria

The impact of foreign aid on Nigeria's development has been a subject of extensive debate. While foreign aid is intended... More

The Evolution of Women’s Roles in the Novel Jasmine

The novel Jasmine, written by Bharati Mukherjee, explores this theme in depth and provides a unique perspective on the struggles... More

Ineffectiveness of foreign aid and grants due to rampant corruption in Nigeria

Corruption in Nigeria hinders the success of socioeconomic development programs, as it surrounds all aspects of political and public life... More

Issue of public fund mismanagement across the world

Public fund mismanagement is a significant obstacle faced by nations worldwide, irrespective of their developmental status. This issue not only... More

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