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Macroeconomic sensitivity of the banking and financial sector of India

The financial sector includes banking institutions and non-banking institutions like the insurance sector, mutual funds, micro-finance institutions, and non-banking financial... More

Importance of a standard medical database for breast cancer research

In data mining, significant patterns and knowledge are extracted from big databases that in the context of cancer research that... More

How to start multidisciplinary research?

Multidisciplinary research work draws on knowledge and methodologies from multiple academic disciplines. Multidisciplinary research opens new gates to opportunities to... More

Analysing stock return value to measure the impact of announcement dates

For investors seeking to make informed investment decisions, a crucial understanding of the concept of stock return value is imperative.... More

Role of market return in determining stock returns

Understanding the complex relationship between stock and market returns is vital in the dynamic realm of finance. Returns serve as... More

Descriptive statistics to understand stock market performance

Descriptive statistics aids in analysing stock performance for useful insights. A better understanding of the stock and market return trend... More

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