We believe that our growth and future rests not only on our beloved customers, but also upon our team members. Since you put in your labour and expertise in our well-being and smooth operations, we have designed more than one way to reward you. Therefore, apart from the compensation you will see many other ways in which you can grow personally and professionally.

Reward for good work


It goes without saying that we pay you for your contribution to our organisation as a service provider. Your compensation is decided depending upon the job profile and your expertise. It is mutually decided between the HR and you.

Bonus and incentives

Every month while releasing your payment, we will evaluate your performance on the jobs completed based on a set of job qualities. Performance reports are generated and feedback is given to you. If you attain a good rating, you will be given a bonus along with that month’s payment. Therefore, you are entitled to a handsome monetary bonus every month if you perform well.

Job appraisal

Appraisal is done every 6 months (except for Handlers). We will review your performance on a few parameters and if it is found satisfactory, you stand to gain a pay raise. These parameters are:

  1. Quality of work delivered
  2. Punctuality in delivery
  3. Communication with Handlers
  4. Continuity in accepting assignments

You can read more about our performance evaluation method here.


That’s right. Although we keep our customers’ information strictly confidential, you gain recognition for your talent on our free-articles section called Knowledge Tank. Knowledge Tank is growing at a rapid pace, and has managed to gain a base of regular readers. You can feel free to write on any academic topic under the sun, and provided it meets our quality standards it will be published under your name. Plus, you get paid for it too.

Opportunity for constant learning and growth

At Project Guru we help you learn about the latest advancements in your area of expertise. Our sales team bring us new challenges with every sale which sets us new goals to and challenges to overcome. We ensure that the Project Guru team provides you with all the essential knowledge to overcome any hurdles.

We are looking forward to create a workplace with a workforce that possesses the following qualities:

  1. Well disciplined and energetic.
  2. Enjoy working in a self-reliant position.
  3. Experienced in after-sales service.
  4. Planned and organized the work process.
  5. Robust teamwork and team building.