Selection criteria

We follow a methodical and pre-defined process for selecting our team members. Once you are selected to work as a vendor or an employee, you become an integral part of Project Guru. Hence we feel obliged to share our selection process with you.

Step 1

After you fill out the Join Us form, wait for a Handler to get back to you. You will receive a phone call for a background check on your qualifications and experience.

Step 2

You will be given a test essay via email. Test essay will be any topic in your interested field (maximum 600 words).

Step 3

Submit the test within deadline.

Step 4

Wait for your test result. Reply is sent to candidates generally within 2 days. The essay will be judged for CONTENT, referencing, grammar. sentence framing and critical analysis.

Step 5

If you are selected, discuss and fulfil all formalities (Bank account details, PAN Card, Writer Handbook and Guidelines) with your Handler and get set to work!

Future course

This step is most important of all. The first 6 months are extremely crucial for your job. Your performance will be reviewed on the following aspects:

  1. Communication: Were you constantly in touch with your Handler regarding the progress of the works?
  2. Delivery: Did you deliver all the papers on time every day?
  3. Quality: Did you maintain the quality standards required by our organisation?

The review is done automatically by our Virtual Management System depending on the feedback provided by your Handler on every assigned job. For more details, click here.

Particular attention will be given to you during the first 6 months like providing daily feedback on your work, training you on content development, etc. For more details on how we help our writers, click here.