Performance evaluation is important for your growth as a contributor to our organisation. Moreover, it also helps us keep a tab on your progress and judging whether you are being credited with what you deserve.

Over the years, many candidates have joined us, with some of them completing an association of over 4 years with us. It has given us perspective. In retrospect, we have developed a foolproof, solid evaluation system online whose results are impossible to manipulate.

Firstly to understand our performance evaluation process, you must understand the basic parameters on which you will be rated:


Nothing is more important to us than the quality of our produce. Each completed job that you send us is filtered for errors and to check if your work meets our organisation’s and the client’s requirements. As a service provider, you need to refrain from the following things:

  1. Plagiarism
  2. Irrelevant content
  3. Bogus/ fake content
  4. Too many grammatical/ sentence and other errors


If you are working from home, you need to stay in constant touch with us regarding your progress. Most tasks need to be done on urgent basis, such as editing. For this purpose we rate Communication as a very important quality of our vendors and employees.

It is mandatory for our vendors to stay online on Gtalk from 12pm to 6pm on all working days. Phone calls and email messages are other important means of communication with us.


We greatly emphasis on timely delivery of all completed tasks from our workforce. Since we do not believe in leaving everything to the last moment, delivery “on the deadline” is totally unacceptable and will be accountable in your performance.

Referencing and citations in case of a research paper

A properly referenced document is half the job done. A good analyst would know the importance of using specific types of resources, how and where to cite them and to stay specific to the format of referencing. If your document is poorly referenced, it creates a work load on the Handler because of which your performance will be evaluated poorly.

Language in case of a writing task

As an analyst you should have the power to judge exactly what kind of language is needed in a certain project. Is it a personal review? Does it need critical analysis? Does the research needs to use less hard-core marketing terms and make the language simpler? Your ability to adapt yourself to different project requirements counts immensely and will impact your performance.

Presentation of a research paper

The overall presentation of the paper matters because a well presented paper generates interest in the mind of the reader. Was there a good/ sensible flow throughout the document? Was there enough pictorial and graphical presentation? Were crucial points arranged attractively? Therefore overall presentation of the paper will be taken into account while grading you.

Positive client feedback is crucial for your performance

Last but not the least, client feedback is extremely important. Even one kind word from our customers about our work can take you a long way.