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Present and future of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

Present and future of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are an important part of the Indian economy. Though they are small in size, their contribution to any economy cannot be ignored. There is no common definition of SMEs universally, and the parameters defining it differ across countries. Read more »

Future of Human Resource Management (HRM) in SMEs

As it is often said, the future belongs to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Not only because they contribute directly to the economy in terms of output and employment, but also because they act as the ladder of success for many large firms. Read more »

Is Apple Inc. really a responsible corporate citizen?

Apple Inc., the world leader in computers enjoys the status of being a premium and a trusted brand across the globe. The company is well aware of the social aspects of a business and therefore corporate social responsibility (CSR) is given due importance in the company. Read more »

The contradictions of natural disaster and economy

Natural disasters have always been a subject of debate for their impacts on different areas of life. However, the economic and social aspects have gained maximum attention from analysts may be due to their intimacy with the common masses of a nation. Read more »

4 P’s of business to business marketing

Marketing of industrial goods, most commonly known as ‘Business-to-Business Marketing’ (B2B) refers to a buying-selling arrangement between two or more businesses. Unlike ‘Business-to-Consumers’ (B2C) marketing where the buyer is the final consumer, where the buyer is a business entering into buying to facilitate its own business. Read more »

Challenges in the Indian power sector

Challenges in the Indian power sectorPower sector is critical to the overall development of an economy. It provides basic infrastructure to industries in all the sectors and helps in achieving a sustainable economic development. The Indian power sector is confronted with several challenges in various areas of activities. Read more »

Social Engagement at Sony Corporation

The Sony Group, a leading multinational and a world leader in electronics is one of the most prominent examples of social engagement. The company has a philosophy of adopting holistic approach to its business goals. Read more »

The Concept of Social Engagement

‘Social Engagement’ is a new buzz in the field of marketing. Though the concept has existed for a long time, it has gained momentum only recently. Firms have started considering it as the key to success. Social engagement in the simplest terms means ‘engaging with the society’. Read more »

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