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Factors affecting online consumer behaviour towards shopping

Internet proliferation in today’s time has led to a boost in online shopping. Social media acts as a promotional and advertising hub for e-commerce retailers which are the primary drivers of online consumer behaviour (Farooqi, 2017). It creates an impetus to understand online consumer behaviour towards shopping for sustaining online businesses and increasing the chances of profit and success in the long run (Elkhani and Bakri, 2012). This article reviews the most critical and relevant factors in today’s competitive business scenario. Read more »

Advantages of online shopping to consumers

Online shopping has showcased tremendous potential and can be even thought of replacing the conventional in-store shopping completely. This has been made possible through the phenomenal breakthroughs in information and communication technologies. Such technologies are shrinking geographical barriers into a virtual world. It has a ubiquitous effect on contemporary civilization, transforming everything from a workplace, working style to shopping and communications. The popularity of online retail is rising along with its foreseeable sustainable potentiality in the retail industry. There are many advantages of online shopping for the consumer. Therefore, more and more companies are willing to adopt it as the primary or alternative retail format (Nielsen, 2014). Read more »

An overview of the pharmaceutical industry of India

The pharmaceutical industry of India consists of the total value of pharmaceutical formulations sold in India. It is one of the major contributors in the healthcare industry. Indian pharmaceutical also plays a major role in the contribution of drugs globally. It provides many vaccines, generic drugs and other forms of treatment methods on global demand. In this article, the market size of the Indian pharmaceutical industry is compared in the global perspective. Read more »

Big companies are using big data analytics to optimise business

Big data applications are vital for storing and processing large amounts of data. Depending on the type of organisation, big data sets can be used to better understand customer needs and preferences. Amazon stores, for example are using big data applications to process data of its customers and provide them with recommendations for future purchases. Its advertisements are also tailored with customer purchasing trends and their history.

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Prevalence of asthma and its therapeutic considerations

Asthma is an anti-inflammatory chronic disease which affects the lungs. It mainly affects the airway linings which swells and the muscles encircling the airway tightening causes the airway narrow. This makes it difficult to get an airway in and out of the lungs which causes the bronchial hyperresponsiveness. The symptoms of the disease include:

  • coughing,
  • wheezing,
  • abdominal pain,
  • fatigue,
  • increase in respiratory pulse rates (Corn 2013).

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Understanding the consumer profile of Uttar Pradesh

After the demonetization, the deposits in bank accounts have increased rapidly. The amount of deposits in Uttar Pradesh has been one of the highest in India.

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Prevalence allergic rhinitis and its diagnosis with therapeutic considerations

An allergic rhinitis is a group of symptoms leading to nasal congestion, itching and inflammation. The symptoms occur when the subject is allergic to dust, mite, pollen (Seidman et al., 2015). It is mediated by IgE antibodies and the mast cells. The prevalence of the disorder is continuously increasing and affecting 10 – 30% of the global population (Ozdoganoglu & Songu, 2012). Read more »

Reasons behind the slowdown in real estate sector in India

The real estate sector is one of the most dynamic and globally recognized sectors today, owing to a number of factors like population spurt and increased purchasing power of consumers. India is one of the biggest real estate market. It comprises four subsectors namely housing, retail, hospitality and commercial.  The growth of these sectors is highly dependent on the growth of the corporate environment and the demand for office space and residential projects (IBEF, 2016). However, there has been a slowdown in the sector due to various internal and external factors. Read more »

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