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Paytm’s growth in India as a digital payment platform

Paytm a digital payment platform was launched in 2010 by One97 communication. It allows to transfer money into its integrated wallet by debit card, credit card and net banking. This wallet can be further used to make payments for recharge, bill payments and shopping (Unicorn 2016). In the last 6 years, it has evolved over and has become the first choice of the users among all the existing payment platforms in India. Read more »

Near field communication’s edge over other digital payment technologies

Near field communication (NFC) is a short range contactless radio frequency technology which allow easy, secure and fast communication between the two electronic devices. It is compatible with millions of devices which are already NFC enabled (NFC World, 2016). In this article major features and benefits of the Near field communication technology  as a digital payment system, has been discussed.

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India’s run for a digital payment and banking system

This study is aimed to examine the existing digital payment system and Indian banking and opportunity for Near Field Communication (NFC) POS machines market in Uttar Pradesh, India. On the basis of the market research it can be said the digital payment system in India is in its initial phase and is picking up pace. It is expected to increase further after the demonetization of the Indian currency on 8th November 2016. Read more »

Allergic diseases and its prevalence across 5 major countries

Allergic diseases are a major health problem across the world. The global prevalence of allergic diseases has increased tremendously affecting 10-30% of the global population (Ring 2012). Apart from  health problems, allergic diseases are also a major socio-economic burden of a country. The consequences of allergic disorders involve morbidity, employment absenteeism, lack of performance in schools and overall loss in the quality of life. In many countries, the patient care facilities for treatment of allergic reactions are inadequate which makes the condition worse. Allergy is characterised by its interdisciplinary nature and involves expertise of clinical medicine as well as experimental science. Read more »

Prevalence of allergy in India and global market size of its medicines

A hypersensitivity disorder in which human body’s immune system generates specific response against a substance which is otherwise harmless is termed as allergy (Pawankar 2014). This abnormal reaction can be triggered from environment allergens or aero-allergens, food allergens, insects or drugs. These substances in the environment or food or drugs are called as allergens (Taylor & Hefle 2001). Read more »

Implementing total quality management at Wipro

The worldwide competition, deregulation and rapid technology changes are bringing focus on quality awareness. The management strives to achieve total quality management by mobilising the whole organisation to adhere to quality continuously economically. Read more »

The increasing use of mobile application as a marketing tool

The widespread use of mobile phones and mobile applications has had a remarkable impact on aesthetic, social, economic and health aspects of life. Usage of mobile phones have resulted into a positive influence on human life. Mobile phones are the main communication tool in every aspect of business from service sector, industries and transport (Kim & Kim 2011). Read more »

Marketing strategies of 5 star hotels of India

Indian hotel industryMarketing strategies are laid to achieve long term objectives of the company (Johnson n.d.) and this applies to 5 star hotels too. General goals of most hotels are to expand their presence in more regions, increase customers, improve the quality of their services and earn more profits. Read more »

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