Banking and finance

Macroeconomic sensitivity of the banking and financial sector of India

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India’s run for a digital payment and banking system

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Advantages of introducing Islamic banking system in India

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Introduction of Islamic Banking in India

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Why do banks predict the income of their customers?

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Stock market efficiency

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Stakeholder analysis as a communication tool

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Conceptualization of project risk management

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Understanding the new IRDA guidelines

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Difference between conventional banks and Islamic banks

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Islamic financial institutions

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Derivatives on a global platform and in India

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Concept of ‘Credit Rating’

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Characteristics of infrastructure financing projects

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Funding structure at L&T infrastructure finance company limited

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Empowering women through micro-finance

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Impact of Self-Esteem on Financial Risk Tolerance

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History of the Indian banking system

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Importance of prediction of income of customers to banks

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Conversion of ADR into shares

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Evolution of the Indian banking system

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