Data analysis

What is Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) analysis?

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Risk return analysis of income, value and growth stocks

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Different types of stock market analysis

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An introduction to stock market trend analysis

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Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to determine stock value

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Methodology to analyze the dynamic behavior of investors in the Indian stock market

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Annual average returns and market returns for growth, income, and value stocks (2005-2015)

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8-step procedure to conduct qualitative content analysis in a research

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Trend analysis of average returns of BSE stocks (2000-2010)

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How to perform structural equation modeling (SEM) analysis with AMOS?

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Inferential analysis to compare the performance of stocks listed in the BSE (2011-2020)

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Analysing annualized average returns from BSE listed stocks

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Short term momentum analysis of growth, income and value stocks

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Chi square test with the help of SPSS

A chi square (X2) statistic is used to investigate whether distributions of categorical variables differ... More

Investment diversification with momentum hybrid performance

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How to test one way ANOVA in SPSS?

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Forecasting growth stocks trend in the stock market with the ARIMA model

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Forecasting income stocks trend with the ARIMA model

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Quantitative data characteristics

Qantitative data refers to statistical datasets that express certain quantities, amounts and ranges.. Arithmetic operations... More

What is a stationarity test and how to do it?

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How to establish the validity and reliability of qualitative research?

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How is qualitative data analysed?

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Steps to conduct the capital asset pricing model (CAPM)

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Different methods of conducting momentum analysis

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An introduction to momentum analysis

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How and when to use Paired sample T-test?

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