Expert advice

Research selection

How to organize your time for your research?

Conducting research in a particular area is not just an article writing that can be done... More

Selection of research topic

Selecting a research topic that is challenging and innovative is more important than writing on... More

Steps to follow while conducting research

Research papers are one of the major submissions to attain a degree. But how to... More

How to come up with a research topic?

From the point of view of an academician, selecting a well-studied and appropriate research topic... More

Writing & reporting

How to write the theoretical framework of the research?

Many would not know that the lack of a well-defined theoretical framework can be an... More

How to write the abstract and the summary of a study?

Abstract and summary is the short version summarizing and describing the contents of a paper.... More

How to write the ‘limitations or shortcomings of the study’ in a research paper?

‘Limitations or shortcomings of the study’ is the last stage of a thesis. After the... More

How to write the part scope for further research?

The part "scope for further research" is essential in every academic study such as a... More

Literature review

How to structure the literature review in a research paper?

A well-structured literature review has many components and is the key to a successful research.... More

How to find substantial literature review sources?

In a research paper, the literature review focuses on summarising, evaluating and criticising existing studies... More

Different types of literature review techniques followed in a research

There are several types of literature review techniques that can be followed in a thesis.... More

Tools that are of great help in literature review planning

Literature review planning is a crucial step. Not only does it give the researcher a... More

Research analysis

Analysing annualized average returns from BSE listed stocks

The annualized average returns is the value of returns earned by investors annually by investing... More

Forecasting income stocks trend with the ARIMA model

Investors deal with uncertainties in the stock market in order to optimize financial returns. This... More

Predicting value stocks trend using ARIMA

This article identifies the forecast model for value stocks for 303 stocks listed in the... More

Forecasting the movement of growth, income & value stocks using ARIMA

Examining the nature of growth, income, and value stocks over the period 2000 to 2020... More