Case study
  • The dairy industry in UAE

    In the Dairy sector, the local production is concentrated on the largest segments- Milk, Yoghurt and Laban. For these products, there is minimal reliance on imports as compared to other food products. Read more »

Industrial Overview

Significant characteristics of the labor force in China

Significant characteristics of the labor force in China

China’s emergence as a global power during recent decades has attracted attention of scholars across the world. The reason is that China’s growth has not only affected the nation itself but it has global implications as well. Read more »

Human resource challenges in the retail industry

Human resource challenges in the retail industry

Retailing is one of the fastest growing industries across the globe and offers livelihood to millions. Human Resources occupy a significant place in the growth of the industry. Read more »

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Risk is an important aspect of project management

Project management has become an integral part of most business organisations today due to a number of reasons. As the nature of business becomes increasingly complex and more demanding it becomes pertinent for companies to innovate effective management methods. Continue »

Conceptualization of project risk management

In order to successfully complete a project and achieve the project goals, risk management requires to be centrally focused upon by project managers. Experiences in the past have demonstrated that risk management ought to be of critical concern to project managers, seeing that unmanaged or unmitigated risks are one of the main reasons for the failure of many projects today (Turner, 1999; Royer, 2000). Continue »

Oil and gas industry of Saudi Arabia

Oil and gas industry of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia is the world’s largest producer and exporter of proven oil. It has one-fifth of world’s proven oil reserve and is one of the largest producer of crude oil after Russia. Saudi Arabia is also the 5th largest country in natural gas reserve after Russia, Iran, Qatar, and US (Anon 2013). Continue »

Importance of the Starbucks college achievement plan

Starbucks is a popular coffee brand. It offers variety of Arabica coffee by roasting it to excellent quality (Starbucks n.d.). In 1981, Howard Schultz, CEO of of this coffee chain realized after a trip to Italy to build an environment of large number of variety of coffee and host it in the market. With minimum advertisements the coffee chain achieved brand recognition and higher demand from customers. In their mission statement they say “Our missionary work to instigate and sustain the human spirit – one soul, one cup and one neighborhood at a time” (Starbucks n.d.). Continue »

An overview of industrialization in Egypt

Egypt’s economy relies on public sector enterprises. In the 1991 reform sectors which needed reform were privatizing public sector, export development, trade liberalization, and promotion of technology. Three dimensions required major attention which are economic, social and environmental (Mobarak 2001). Continue »

A comparative study of oil and gas industry of Egypt

Oil and gas industry in EgyptEgypt is one of the leading producer of oil and natural gas in the African continent (US energy information association 2013). Oil and gas industries are supporting the Egyptian economy since 1980. Egypt has some of the biggest oil producing regions; Suez with a capacity of 70% oil production, Western region 17%, Sinai 7% and Eastern delta 6%.Natural gas producing regions are located near the Mediterranean Sea, western region and the Nile delta (US energy information association 2013). Continue »

How do celebrity endorsements impact the brand image?

People love to watch the celebrities, get to read about them, imitate them and this attitude is what has been the motivating factor for advertisers to rely on celebrity endorsements. Celebrities can be classified on the basis of their work area– musicians, sportsperson, actors, models, economists, businessmen, politicians (Banytė, J et all 2011). Celebrity endorsement has become a staple in today’s market. Continue »

The fight for oil

US led the war against Iraq on 20 March, 2003, which was followed by 9 year’s long fighting in the region (Nayna J Jhaveri n.d.). Prior to the war, the US government claimed that Iraq was in possession of  weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Continue »

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