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An overview of the Indian shampoo market

An overview of the Indian shampoo market

The shampoo industry in India has evolved extensively since the 1960’s, which was then considered a lifestyle product in urban India. Until 2005, the market was dominated by flagship companies such as Hindustan Lever Ltd. and Procter and Gamble. Read more »

Challenges in medical tourism

Challenges in medical tourism

Medical tourism is a recent buzzword in the market combining the two of the fastest growing industries in the world; healthcare and tourism. Medical tourism is not a new concept however as this practice of traveling… Read more »

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Creativity in Indian education system

Thousands of children get enrolled in schools every year, where a strict curriculum is followed for the upbringing of the children. But one major factor that schools give a miss is the way the children are taught. Continue »

Review websites are a great way to socialise your business

In the contemporary age of technological advancement and digitalisation, there has been considerable growth in dependency over virtual world. People have moved away from traditional way of searching, comparing and purchasing services ranging from grocery items to travel packages. Continue »

Good performing firms have better corporate governance

Corporate governance refers to the administration of corporations. One of the broadest definitions of the term was used by Sir Adrian Cadbury, head of the Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance in the United Kingdom: “Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled”(Cadbury Committee, 1992). Continue »

A brief about the civilisation under the Gupta dynasty

Considered as a Golden Age, Indian civilisation under the Gupta rule witnessed a new epoch in its history of growth and development. After the fall of the Mauryan Empire, India was divided into several independent monarchies and continued to be so for another 500 years, until the rise of Gupta Dynasty. Continue »

The impact of income inequality on the growth of an economy

Income inequality is the high degree of disparity among the population with respect to their income. Correlation between the income inequality and growth of an economy is not a nascent issue in economics. Many erudite researchers and economists have tried to answer the causality among these two variables by analyzing empirically. Continue »

Economic growth at the cost of environment: A case of Mahan coal block

The current NDA government (2015) under the leadership of Narendra Modi made promises that will place India on a strong foot internationally and environment being one of them. The Prime Minister in his Independence day speech spoke about “zero defect, zero effect” policy, referring to industrial effects on the environment (Indian Express 2015). Continue »

Higher education in India

Indian higher educationHigher education or University education shapes people to be qualified and responsible citizens by knowledge and professional training in their ‘relevant field’  of interest. Higher education enables citizens to participate in the capacity-building of a society, helping them to: understand, interpret, preserve, enhance, promote and disseminate national and regional, international and historic culture. Continue »

Bangladesh: A study on its radical Islamism and plight of free-thinkers

Bangladesh emerged as an outcome of “Bengali Nationalism”, formed to overthrow the hegemony of West Pakistan and to end the latter’s attempt of economic exploitation, religious regression and dominance over the “Political Voice” of the former. The crux of the national movement leading to its separation from Pakistan was the restoration of their lost glory and implementation of secularism, socialism and democracy as the state’s ideology, restricting religion to private sphere. Continue »

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