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  • Impact of E-Learning

    The education industry worldwide has been a witness to an ever-increasing phenomenon of distance education enrollments over the past decade. Read more »

Industrial Overview

An overview of import and export in India

An overview of import and export in India

International trade barriers are slowly narrowing down and a new era of world trade is emerging global economy export and import trade will play a major role since interdependence… Read more »

Trade relationship management (TRM)

Trade relationship management (TRM)

There was a time when markets were controlled solely by the demand-supply mechanism and the only humans who could influence the market were sellers (Panwar, 2001). Things have however changed over time. Read more »

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Why banks and other financial institutions predict income of their customers?

Income is considered as one of the factors to determine success in life (Liu, Kuo, He, & Liu, 2006). Banks often rely on models which predict credit risk to decide whether to lend to a loan seeker (Junjie Liang, 2011). Any event, which is subjected to uncertainty, is predicted through actuarial models. Continue »

Stock market efficiency

While investing in the stock market, the main aim for anyone is to generate the return on invested capital. Investors aren’t only trying to get the profitable returns from investing capital, but they also expect to outperform in the market. Continue »

Identifying ways to expand social marketing

In the 1950’s, a random thought ran through the mind of Wiebe, a psychologist, “Why can’t you sell brotherhood and rational thinking like you can sell soap?” (G.D. Wiebe 1952). Imagine if love could be sold like soap or biscuits, there would be no war between Gaza and Israel.  This idea was developed by others into the marketing strategy, we now know as social marketing (Kotler & Zaltman 1971). Continue »

Has Dunkin Donuts failed in India?

Dunkin Donuts brand is owned by Dunkin Brands Group which is a well known pioneering brand of quick service restaurants. It has more than 18000 points of distribution in the world with presence in more than 60 countries (Dunkin Donuts, 2014). Continue »

Review of “Drinking Alone With The Moon” by Li Bai

“Drinking Alone under the Moon” is one of Li Bai’s signature poetries which deal with the ancient social custom of drinking. It is deemed to be a big social faux pas if one drinks alone. In this particular poem, the egoistic poet speaker creates his own companions: the moon and his shadow, but both seem reluctant companions and what the poem leaves you with is a sense of despair and deep set loneliness (Columbia Education, 2014). Continue »

A review of Dubai’s real estate industry

A review of Dubai’s real estate industryThe economic scenario of Dubai was boosted in 2013 as a result of better revenues, higher sales and increased profit margin in various industries, leading to a 4.7% growth in GDP for the year. The key sectors of Dubai’s economy include retail, transportation, hotel, and tourism industry, among many others. Continue »

Marketing failure of McDonalds in Bolivia

McDonalds failure in Bolivia as believed by marketing analysts across the world, was natural. Though it sounds unbelievable and surprising for many across the globe. McDonalds management was almost certain about the failure as their finest promotional campaign, both in electronic and print media failed to yield any result. Continue »

LGBT communities fighting for their survival

As long as there have been living organisms with any modicum of intelligence, there has existed prejudice.  This division that we human draw amongst ourselves in society are based on a variety of characteristics.  Depending on the part of the world we live in, sometimes it is based on level of income, color of our skin or bloodlines we descend from. Continue »

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