Case study
  • CSR practices at Tesco, UK

    TESCO is the biggest supermarket in UK and is the 4th biggest retailer in the whole world after Carrefour, Home Depot and Wal-Mart and the world’s biggest online grocery retailer. Read more »

Industrial Overview

An overview of the Indian coal industry

An overview of the Indian coal industry

Coal mining on a commercial level started in India way back in 1774. India’s growth over the years can be well assumed with the fact that today it stands at third position in terms of coal production across the world. Read more »

Trade relationship management (TRM)

Trade relationship management (TRM)

There was a time when markets were controlled solely by the demand-supply mechanism and the only humans who could influence the market were sellers (Panwar, 2001). Things have however changed over time. Read more »

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Unipolar, bipolar and multipolar World order

The downfall of the Soviet Union in December 1991 drew the curtain from a bipolar world dominated by the former and the U.S. for nearly half century and led to rise of speculations regarding the next likely world order. Robert Gates (1992), former Director of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) opined that a more unstable, turbulent, unpredictable and violent era prevailed after the demise of the Cold War and Soviet Union. Continue »

Notable works on post partition India

Literary works on post partition India generally deal with people’s experience during the period following the partition of India and Pakistan. The period following partition was a period of great suffering, trauma, sacrifice and adjustment. People were trying to build their life anew but the experience of partition haunted them. Continue »

Trade liberalization of the tourism sector in India

Trade liberalizationTourism is one of the core drivers of the economy in India and it is classified in the field of the service industry. Some of the benefits associated with the tourism industry are: Continue »

Facebook and its big step in mobile marketing

The year 2012 was a mobile year when the advertisements through mobiles crossed a mark of $6,525 million worldwide. Moreover, the increasing use of smart phone is enabling the users stay connected via mobile internet all the time (Cengiz Yilmaz, Varnali, & Toker, 2011). Continue »

Creativity in Indian education system

Thousands of children get enrolled in schools every year, where a strict curriculum is followed for the upbringing of the children. But one major factor that schools give a miss is the way the children are taught. Continue »

Review websites are a great way to socialise a business

In the contemporary age of technological advancement and digitalisation, there has been considerable growth in dependency over virtual world. People have moved away from traditional way of searching, comparing and purchasing services ranging from grocery items to travel packages. Continue »

Good performing firms have better corporate governance

Corporate governance refers to the administration of corporations. One of the broadest definitions of the term was used by Sir Adrian Cadbury, head of the Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance in the United Kingdom: “Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled”(Cadbury Committee, 1992). Continue »

A brief about the civilisation under the Gupta dynasty

Considered as a Golden Age, Indian civilisation under the Gupta rule witnessed a new epoch in its history of growth and development. After the fall of the Mauryan Empire, India was divided into several independent monarchies and continued to be so for another 500 years, until the rise of Gupta Dynasty. Continue »

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