Case study
  • Axe Snake Peel shower scrub

    Axe is a brand with a variety of products like deodorant, shower gel and aftershave with different fragrances, targeted at young man. The good reputation of Axe in Holland has helped the introduction of its new shower scrub (Van der Aa 2005, pers. comm., 22 April). Read more »

Industrial Overview

An overview of the CSR in hotel industry in UK

An overview of the CSR in hotel industry in UK

Corporate social responsibility is nothing but the act of organizations in behaving in an ethical or responsible manner (Hopkins, 2007, p 15). “Responsible or ethical” means treating stakeholders in a deemed manner which is acceptable in a civilized society. Read more »

Strategies to manage demand supply imbalance in tourism

Strategies to manage demand supply imbalance in tourism

Tourism is a seasonal industry and there are many factors that contribute to this seasonality. Not only does the environment of the host nation, but the policies of the host Government and several other factors work together for this seasonality in the industry. Read more »

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Marketing failure of McDonalds in Bolivia

McDonalds failure in Bolivia as believed by marketing analysts across the world, was natural. Though it sounds unbelievable and surprising for many across the globe. McDonalds management was almost certain about the failure as their finest promotional campaign, both in electronic and print media failed to yield any result. Continue »

LGBT communities fighting for their survival

As long as there have been living organisms with any modicum of intelligence, there has existed prejudice.  This division that we human draw amongst ourselves in society are based on a variety of characteristics.  Depending on the part of the world we live in, sometimes it is based on level of income, color of our skin or bloodlines we descend from. Continue »

Case study of Johnson Matthey company

Johnson Matthey is a leading producer of chemicals in the world today. With  an illustrious 200 years of past, it  has now diversified into precious metals, chemicals and catalysts. It has moved to third century by adapting its techniques and strategies to suit the industrial climates of its operating units. Continue »

Chances of having a real estate market bubble in Dubai

Real estate of Dubai Real estate bubble is not new to Dubai. In fact, during 2003-2008, Dubai experienced one of the gigantic real estate bubbles in the world that ultimately busted during the fourth quarter of 2008 (Bertrand, 2012). Interestingly, the real estate market of Dubai is once again moving towards experiencing another huge bubble given the fast rising property prices within this region. Continue »

A closer look into the tourism growth in Dubai

Tourism in DubaiThe hospitality industry of Dubai has been contributing significantly to the growth of Dubai’s economy. Tourism sector of Dubai has emerged as an important contributor to the economic growth of Dubai. Dubai has become one of the major tourist destinations within the map of global tourism. Continue »

2014, a year of device revolution or an year of intelligence

Computer that we use so freely today is a product of years of work by Konrad Zuse (Ceruzzi 1981). Zuse would be amazed at the way the modern world has used his simple invention. Continue »

Rising inflation rate of China

Most of the developed and developing nations of the world are striving hard to maintain the growth rate of their economy and control the rate of inflation. For the purpose of attainment of sustainable economic growth which is coupled with an overall price stability, all the countries have emphasized upon controlling various macroeconomic factors that contribute towards inflation in their fiscal policies. Continue »

IT consumerization- Bring your own device

Information technology (IT) consumerization, also known as “ bring your own device” phenomenon has been explored by Gartner (2012).  Since the past few years, there has been a substantial change in IT which will possibly continue for the predictable future. Continue »

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