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Human resource challenges in the coal industry

Human resource challenges in the coal industry

Coal industry is an industry of high economic importance globally. The industry contributes to the economic development not only directly but also through the growth of many other industries where coal is the basic element like steel and power industries. Read more »

E-retailing in UK

E-retailing in UK

E-retailing is growing in the United Kingdom at a rapid pace with sales having attained in 10 billion by 2010. This increased to another 10% in the next five years. Read more »

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Understanding Russia’s role and interests in Ukraine

The relations between the two economies; Russia and Ukraine can be traced back to the 1990s, after it became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991. The dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 established the need for economic and security relationships between the two nations. Continue »

Security threats and legal issues related to cloud computing

The common buzzword of Information Technology era during the last decade is “Cloud Computing”, with many world-market players shaping the field, such as Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (Amazon EC2), Skype,, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook and Continue »

Temporary employment and its growth in recent years

Temporary employment is explained as an arrangement between the employer and the employee where an employee is hired on the payroll of the company at a given job profile only for a certain predefined tenure. Temporary employees are also known as seasonal, contractual, freelance, third-party employees or in short “temps”. One feature of temporary employment is that the workers remain detached from the ongoing relationship with the organization where they work in (Burgess & Connell 2006). Continue »

Why banks and other financial institutions predict income of their customers?

Income is considered as one of the factors to determine success in life (Liu, Kuo, He, & Liu, 2006). Banks often rely on models which predict credit risk to decide whether to lend to a loan seeker (Junjie Liang, 2011). Any event, which is subjected to uncertainty, is predicted through actuarial models. Continue »

Stock market efficiency

While investing in the stock market, the main aim for anyone is to generate the return on invested capital. Investors aren’t only trying to get the profitable returns from investing capital, but they also expect to outperform in the market. Continue »

Identifying ways to expand social marketing

In the 1950’s, a random thought ran through the mind of Wiebe, a psychologist, “Why can’t you sell brotherhood and rational thinking like you can sell soap?” (G.D. Wiebe 1952). Imagine if love could be sold like soap or biscuits, there would be no war between Gaza and Israel.  This idea was developed by others into the marketing strategy, we now know as social marketing (Kotler & Zaltman 1971). Continue »

Has Dunkin Donuts failed in India?

Dunkin Donuts brand is owned by Dunkin Brands Group which is a well known pioneering brand of quick service restaurants. It has more than 18000 points of distribution in the world with presence in more than 60 countries (Dunkin Donuts, 2014). Continue »

Review of “Drinking Alone With The Moon” by Li Bai

“Drinking Alone under the Moon” is one of Li Bai’s signature poetries which deal with the ancient social custom of drinking. It is deemed to be a big social faux pas if one drinks alone. In this particular poem, the egoistic poet speaker creates his own companions: the moon and his shadow, but both seem reluctant companions and what the poem leaves you with is a sense of despair and deep set loneliness (Columbia Education, 2014). Continue »

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