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Chances of having a real estate market bubble in Dubai

Chances of having a real estate market bubble in Dubai

Real estate bubble is not new to Dubai. In fact, during 2003-2008, Dubai experienced one of the gigantic real estate bubbles in the world that ultimately busted during the fourth quarter of 2008 (Bertrand, 2012). Read more »

Problems faced by Coal India Limited (CIL)

Problems faced by Coal India Limited (CIL)

CIL was formed in the year 1975 by the Congress government headed by Indira Gandhi as a solution to the severely crippled coal industry. The Indian coal industry until 1975 was plagued with a number of issues like low productivity, lack of strategic planning, lack of funds, low-grade technology and lack of regulation. Read more »

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China’s role in the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (UNPKO) in Africa

Africa has been one of the regions with the highest conflict rates. By joining the United Nations’ Peace keeping operations UNPKO, China has been helping the UNPKO in addressing international peace and security-related matters. Continue »

Impact of global warming on India’s agriculture

In the twenty first century, global warming has become an issue of high concern among most countries in the world.  Not even a single day is passed without hearing news such as farmers committing suicide because of meteorological drought or people being displaced by flood or heavy rainfall in a particular region. Continue »

Expanding role of China in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (UNPKO)

Peacekeeping has been defined by the United Nations (UN) as creating conditions for sustainable temporary or lasting peace in areas and countries which has been torn apart by war and conflict (Agubamah, 2014). The peace-keeping operations follow the mandate of the United Nations and also work in consent with the conflicting parties. Historically speaking, the peacekeeping activities was carried out by the United Nations for the first time during the Cold War to keep peace between conflicting countries by sending unarmed or light military troops under the UN command. Continue »

Impact of fiscal deficit on the economy

Fiscal deficit is the difference between the government’s total expenditure (both the current and capital) and total revenue receipts of the government. Borrowings by the government is not included while calculating the total revenue receipts. Continue »

Arbitration law and its implications within Industries

Arbitration is understood as the institution where a third party decides disputes and also exercise jurisdiction between two parties. The fundamental role of an arbitrator is expected to remain impartial and also to make its decision binding over the other parties in dispute [1]. Continue »

Marketing strategies of 5 star hotels of India

Indian hotel industryMarketing strategies are laid to achieve long term objectives of the company (Johnson n.d.) and this applies to 5 star hotels too. General goals of most hotels are to expand their presence in more regions, increase customers, improve the quality of their services and earn more profits. Continue »

Mikhail Bakhtin’s dialogism

Mikhail Mikhailovich Bakhtin (1895 – 1975) was a Russian literary theorist who made contributions to diverse disciples but his contribution towards literature is accounted from his The Dialogic Imagination: Four Essays (Bakhtin, 2010), which shows congruence to many postmodernist thoughts. His dialogic concept contributes to the aesthetic implication of post modernism as Woods might suggest or what Newman might criticise (Newman, 1985; Woods, 1999). Continue »

Loss making Indian aviation industry

Indian aviation industryIndia’s aviation industry has consistently been in the news for huge losses. During the financial year 2012-13, the whole industry reported a loss of over Rs. 5,800 crores (Business Standard, 2014). In 2014-15 Air India alone posted net loss of Rs. 5,547 crores, indicating a deteriorating state of the industry (Financial Express, 2015). Continue »

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