Case study
  • Importance of the Starbucks college achievement plan

    Starbucks created an innovative collaboration with Arizona State University to empower thousands of US partners to finish their bachelors degree (Weinstei 2014). This creates a pattern to decrease the number of students who have not completed a degree due to intensifying debts and lack of support. Read more »

Industrial Overview

A brief explanation to knowledge management in IT industry

A brief explanation to knowledge management in IT industry

Knowledge management is the process of gathering or collecting information from various sources storing them and manipulating them to bring in better ideas. Read more »

Drawbacks and benefits of increasing FDI in retail in India

Drawbacks and benefits of increasing FDI in retail in India

FDI or foreign direct investment is the investments brought into productions and economy of a country by people of another country. USA was the world’s largest recipient of FDI totaling $194 billion in 2010 after which in line was China with $185 billion in 2010 and India in 2010 was $44.8 billion (Greyhill Advisors) Read more »

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Analysis of the snack food market in India

The snack food market has developed a lot recently in comparison to the period before 2005. According to the research conducted by the IBIS on the snack food production, it was found that the total revenue generated by the snack manufacturers world wide is $35bn (IBIS world, 2013). Continue »

Importance of resource based view

Company operates with two components i.e. resources and products or service which in turn are derived from resources only (Alvarez & Busenitz 2007). As per the resource based view, firm’s resources can be considered determinant of competitive advantage and performance within the firm (Barney et al. 2001; Barney & Mackey 2005). Continue »

How do unrestricted mobile apps pose threat to your privacy?

People have become over-reliant on mobile devices, especially smartphones to drive their social, entertainment, and knowledge networks. Operation of these phones is made possible by use of mobile applications. A mobile application, commonly referred to as apps. It is a kind of application software intended to run on a mobile device that can be a smartphone, tablet, or PDA. Continue »

Conditions that predominate the lives of women in Afghanistan and Russia

Muslim woman in Afghanistan remain to be much in the state of extreme terror as is evident from the case of Sohaila, who had received 100 lashes in a dilapidated sports stadium in Kabul in  1998 in front of thirty thousand boys and men who gathered to watch the act (Ahmad, 2012). Sohaila’s crime was decided of adultery, as she was spotted walking with a man who wasn’t a relative. It is to be noted that since Sohaila was unmarried her punishment was limited to flogging; had Sohaila been married, her punishment would have been public stoning to death. Continue »

Does your marketing plan fight price sensitivity?

Price sensitivity refers to the response of an individual to the amount of money asked or paid for a good or service and as a construct, it can be regarded as an attitude that varies across consumers.  Since it is a degree to which consumers use ‘price’ as a decision-maker criterion, consumers can have a generally high, medium or low price sensitivity, which has been seen as a stable attitude that changes gradually over time [1]. Continue »

Reinforcement of the myth of Muslim barbarism in Africa

The picture of a woman from Africa is probably predominated by the concept of hijab, a head covering used by Muslim women. One may envision a face that is veiled by a black shroud of burqa. The rights for women are probably at their worst in Muslim countries compared to the other countries of the world (S. E. Z. Al-Djazairi, 2007). Continue »

Apple v/s Samsung; leader of technology and marketing

Apple versus SamsungThe battle between technological giants; US owned Apple and Korean owned Samsung results in more innovative products for mobile phone users around the world. It is affecting everything from the price we pay for our phones, to what they are capable of doing and whether we have freedom to choose between the rival brands [1].

Continue »

Fluctuation in Microsoft’s value after the introduction of Windows RT

Windows RT is an edition of windows 8 which operates at 32-bit AMR powered devices. A good example is the surface tablet which is a product of Microsoft. Microsoft claims that this operating system will have longer battery life because its architecture is power efficient. Continue »

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