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Problems faced by Coal India Limited (CIL)

Problems faced by Coal India Limited (CIL)

CIL was formed in the year 1975 by the Congress government headed by Indira Gandhi as a solution to the severely crippled coal industry. The Indian coal industry until 1975 was plagued with a number of issues like low productivity, lack of strategic planning, lack of funds, low-grade technology and lack of regulation. Read more »

Human resource challenges in the retail industry

Human resource challenges in the retail industry

Retailing is one of the fastest growing industries across the globe and offers livelihood to millions. Human Resources occupy a significant place in the growth of the industry. Read more »

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Importance of systems thinking in organisations today

In contemporary dynamic business scenario, the inter-dependence of organisations and influence of external & internal environmental factors on trade and organisational practices has intensified manifolds. Continue »

Aphra Behn’s poetry in gender and love dynamics

Aphra Behn has given much credence to the cause of female writers. Aphra Behn is credited to be one of the first professional women writers of the restoration period of literature history (Todd, 1997, p. 4). Most of her life is shrouded in mystery as she spent a significant portion of her lifetime being a spy. Continue »

Role of management accounting and its evolution

Management accounting is the function involving gathering and disseminating of integral accounting and statistical data to decision makers. Management accountants facilitate the management with relevant information for making suitable policies, planning and control operations (Horngren, Bhimani, Datar and Foster, 2005). Continue »

Employee engagement and its importance

Employees play a big role towards smooth operations and growth of an organization, which makes them an important asset to the organization (Vos 2009). It’s important for organizations to interact and understand its employee’s needs so as to keep them happy so that they give their 100% at work. Gone are the Days when Employees were looked at merely as a part of a machine and all of their demands for a better work place were neglected. Continue »

Importance of team building and HRM games

With the increasing dynamics in external and internal environments in an organization, one of the biggest challenge in front of the corporate world is to retain the talented pool of employees in the organization (Barney, 1991; Prince, 2003; Sinangil, 2004). Continue »

Renewable energy and its development in South Africa

Renewable energy and its development South AfricaPressure to develop sustainable sources of renewable energy is on the rise. South Africa is at the forefront of developing and perfecting several forms of renewable energy (EDKIN 2010). this is due to the increasing cost of fossil fuel resulting in increased energy costs as well as the rapidly changing climatic conditions. Continue »

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