Safer, smarter & intelligent team of analysts

We discover, we interpret, and we visualize numbers. We are a team of well-qualified research analysts, driven by research and creativity, to help you make informed decisions.

As an effective team, we piece together information from various credible sources to assess threats, challenges, and opportunities. We work through a range of research methods and easily adapt to complexities. Our methodological approaches consider various stakeholders and translate their insights into actionable strategies.

Learn to analyse with SPSS
This module helps to learn statistical analysis using the SPSS statistics software.
Machine learning
This module is designed to help understand how to apply machine learning techniques using SPSS and R software.
Learn to analayse with STATA
A comprehensive data analysis package that is extensively used in data science.
DEA is one of the non-parametric methods for estimating production frontiers.
Text analysis
Quantitative analyses of textual data for text frequencies texts or textual trends with Hamlet II. 
Learn to analyse with Nvivo
It is a CAQDAS package for analyzing qualitative data. It is widely used for unstructured data & interviews

Managed big data and microdata analysis

At Project Guru, we comprehend statistical requirements to build actionable insights that help you make strategic decisions confidently. A large amount of data is collected in the form of the census, administrative records, test simulation results, experiment result, consumer traits and many more. We facilitate perspective and statistical inferences by discovering linkages in the data. We offer a quick and easy way to harmonize variables and factors that impact the objectives. We document these processes in a precise and transparent way to help you get your valued insights.